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Startup Program

ROBIC, the benchmark in intellectual property, is there for local entrepreneurs with its Start-up Program.

For more than 120 years, ROBIC has been a partner of innovative businesses. We are aware of the challenges faced when starting a new business, and we understand that the protection of intellectual property is key to the success of a business. That is why we want to give young start-ups access to our expertise at a low rate.

The ROBIC Start-up Program offers a partnership between our firm and hand-picked entrepreneurs. This platform aims to support start-ups with a strong potential.

Here is what we offer:

A bank of consulting hours:

Enrollment in the program gives members access to a bank of consultation hours with any of the firm’s professionals. It allows members to benefit from the expertise of our lawyers, patent agents, engineers, scientists and trademark agents, who can advise on intellectual property and corporate law and address any specific challenges faced by new businesses.

Flat rate packages:

Members have access to three packages addressing the different needs of a new business. Each of these packages is offered at a flat rate.

  • Package A

    Incorporation: Creating and organizing a new company

    This package includes:

    • Preparing and filing articles of constitution in accordance with the Quebec Business Corporations Act (according to our standard models) and preparing and filing of the related forms;
    • Preparing the constitutional documentation required for the incorporation and for establishing the juridical form of the business corporation;
    • This includes the drafting of 1) resolutions of the board of directors and of the shareholders with regard to the juridical form of the corporation, 2) letter of acceptance of a director to become a mandatary of the corporation, 3) letter of subscription of shares, share certificates, by-laws, corporate records;
    • Registration with the Enterprise Register of Quebec;
    • A minute book containing the minutes of the meetings and the resolutions of shareholders.
  • Package B

    Trademark: Preparing and filing a trademark application in Canada

    1- Preparing and filing a trademark application in Canada

    This package includes:

    • A search of the Canadian trademarks register for identical marks prior to the filing of the trademark application.
      Preparing and filing the trademark application, including basic advice regarding the specification of goods and services covered by the application.

    2- Extended registrability search in Canada

    This package includes:

    • An analysis of an extended search report which aims to locate trademarks registered in the Canadian trademarks register, trade names registered in provincial and federal corporate registers or domain names that are identical or similar to the proposed trademark, and opinion on the registrability of the proposed trademark.
  • Package C

    Patent: Preparing and filing a provisional or informal patent application

    This package includes:

    • Meetings and exchanges with the inventors to identify and understand the invention to protect;
    • Preliminary keyword search about the invention to protect (maximum one hour);
    • Drafting a provisional or informal patent application directed to a single invention;
    • Preparing formal drawings and figures;
    • Exchanges with the inventors to review and approve the application;
    • Filing the provisional or informal patent application at either the U.S. or Canadian Patent Office (our services fees and the official fees are included).
    • Preparing and filing an assignment;
    • Receiving and transmitting the filing receipt, docketing the file and follow-up for the drafting and filing of a regular patent application claiming priority from the provisional or informal application.