IT, Communications and Software

Our IT, communications and software sector offers a wide range of services such as prosecuting patent, trademark and copyright applications, providing infringement opinions and landscape searches and drafting and negotiating specialized commercial agreements pertaining to research and development, joint ventures, consortiums, financing, and outsourcing.

Our patent attorneys, lawyers, engineers and scientists also contribute their expertise to the valuation process related to the transfer, acquisition and financing of technology and technology-driven companies. Our lawyers have substantial experience drafting and negotiating agreements that are typically required in this field. They are often called upon to deal with varied legal matters related to licensing, e-commerce and litigation.

Our professionals also possess an outstanding expertise regarding all aspects of domain name registration, management and disputes. In addition to providing key opinions on the creation of strong IP portfolios, the IT, communications and software team offers its expertise as part of the assessment process associated with the transfer, acquisition and financing of businesses in the IT, communications and software sectors.

When drafting agreements, our lawyers cover various legal questions in the areas of licensing, e-commerce and litigation. This is one of the reasons why we are frequently called upon to carry out due diligence and audits of intellectual property.

The team works with various players in the field of eSport for licensing agreements and trademark registration.

Our professionals in IT, Communications and Software