Our chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, computer and electrical engineers, chemists and experienced intellectual property lawyers form one of the best petrochemistry teams in Canada. They conduct patentability and patent landscape searches, draft and prosecute patent and industrial design applications, as well as trademark and copyright applications, and also provide infringement and validity opinions.

Our professionals have extensive experience in and understanding of petrochemical technologies, notably in upstream and downstream operations, including enhanced oil and gas in situ recovery processes, heavy oil and bitumen extraction, upgrading and refining, tailings and wastewater treatment. They also have the technical expertise needed to counsel on technologies pertaining to mechanical equipment and materials engineering for petrochemical processing, as well as the use and production of chemical compounds in the context of the petrochemical industry. They are often called upon lend their expertise to valuation and due diligence matters during the transfer, acquisition and financing of companies.

Our professionals in the Petrochemical Industry




  • Nancy Barriault

    Nancy Barriault

    M.Sc., Chemistry, Principal, Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States
  • Laurence Bourget-Merle

    Laurence Bourget-Merle

    Ph.D., Chemist, Senior Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States
  • Laurence Danis

    Laurence Danis

    Ph.D., Chemist, Senior Patent Agent
  • Marielle Doyon

    Marielle Doyon

    Ph.D., Pharmacology, Principal, CEP, Patent Agent
  • Mélissa Dumartin

    Mélissa Dumartin

    Ph.D. Chemistry, Technical Patent Advisor
  • Marine Keraron

    Marine Keraron

    M. Sc. A., chemical engineering, Principal, Engineer and Patent Agent
  • Jeremy Lawson

    Jeremy Lawson

    Practice Group Leader, EICT Patent Group, Principal, Engineer, Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States