Food and beverage

Our team specializing in the food and beverage industry, including alcoholic beverages, covers several food and drink products, various processes, advertising, packaging and related technologies. This sector includes “conventional” foods as well as foods and functional ingredients and their derivatives such as nutraceuticals and food supplements, their production, extraction or formulation and their innovative uses. Our expertise lies in the protection of patents, trademarks and trade secrets on the regulations established for the development and marketing of our customers’ products.

We have many years of experience in packaging and labelling, advertising and brand protection, copyright and patent litigation. We also have experience assisting our clients in monitoring and adapting to new regulations in this ever-changing industry. We provide guidance to our clients about the best environmental practices and property labelling laws. We also represent our clients in advertising, labelling and related infractions.

By visiting food manufacturing plants and conducting business audits and reviews, we are close to our customers and their businesses, which allows us to better understand, build and implement value-added strategies focused on technology and intellectual property. Our team has successfully conducted and defended numerous trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings and filed lawsuits to protect brands, marketing concepts and promotions, as well as rights on ownership of trade secrets, patents and agreements.

Our professionals in the Food and Beverage Industry