Our team specializing in the Cannabis industry provides general counsel to all stakeholders of this rapidly evolving business sector. Our technical expertise and our understanding of the regulations that govern this industry allows us to provide a range of services to our cannabis clients by fostering a culture of innovation and compliance. Our experience stems from our longstanding presence in this field, as well as in other related practices such as the agri-business, pharmaceutical, natural health products, technology, and life sciences sectors. We are therefore able to provide specific and forward thinking guidance to our clients, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities in a very dynamic sector.

We regularly advise clients on their intellectual property needs specific to this industry, which include trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, plant breeder rights and trade secrets. Our expertise also lies with providing counsel on the many hurdles that this industry faces, whether related to strategy, commercial matters, financing, regulatory compliance, licensing, labelling, advertising, distribution, sale, marketing, research & development. Our specific experience in this industry is such that our professionals are highly sought after and are routinely solicited to give talks and participate at conferences across Canada and the US on these issues.

As such, whether it be for a specialized commercial agreement, for navigating any dealings with Health-Canada, or for guidance regarding the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, our close collaboration with our customers in this field allows us to better understand and provide strategic input on how to best plan for uncertainty in this rapidly changing legal and commercial landscape.

If you should require any information, please contact Jason Moscovici, Leader of our Cannabis Group.

Our professionals in this expertise




  • Nancy Barriault

    Nancy Barriault

    M.Sc., Chemistry, Principal, Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States
  • Charles Goyer

    Charles Goyer

    Ph. D., Biochemistry, Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States, Business development and Senior Counsel
  • Steven Lam

    Steven Lam

    Practice Group Leader, ChemLife Patent Group, Ph.D., Biochemistry, Principal, Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States
  • Gabrielle Moisan

    Gabrielle Moisan

    M.Sc., Molecular Biology, Principal, Lawyer and Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States