Geneviève Hallé-Désilets

Geneviève Hallé-Désilets



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Tel. Québec: 418 780-1976
Languages: English, French
If you can dream it, you can do it
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Geneviève Hallé-Désilets specialises in commercial law related to intellectual property, as well as in marketing and advertising law, trademark law and copyright law.

Prior to her law studies, Genevieve completed a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in marketing at HEC Montreal. She also gained work knowledge in marketing and advertising through her studies and her subsequent work with communication agencies.

In 2013, Genevieve completed a bachelors’ degree in civil law as well as in common law at the University of Ottawa. During law school, she took part in a student exchange with the University of Montpellier 1.

She joined the firm in 2015 after having completed her articling in an international firm in Quebec City.

  • Member of the Quebec Bar (2015)
  • Understanding Trademarks, McGill University/IPIC (2015)
  • Bachelor of Civil Law (LLL) and common law (JD), University of Ottawa (2013)
  • University exchange program (LLL), University of Montpellier 1 (2012)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), with a specialization in Marketing, HEC Montréal (2008)
  • Licensing Executives Society (LES)
  • Association québécoise des technologies (AQT)
  • Société des communicateurs (SOCOM)
  • Food industry
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Entertainment and art
  • Advertising
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Advertising and Marketing Law
    • Ad campaigns (television, radio, social media, points of sale, etc.)
    • Packaging and labeling of products (food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, etc.)
    • Influence marketing and social networks
    • Green marketing
    • Partnerships (Spokesperson and sponsorship agreements)
    • Contracts between agencies and clients / agencies and freelancers (services, licences, assignments, etc.)
    • Comparative Advertising
    • Misleading or false Advertising
    • Advertising aimed at children
    • Marketing strategies (contests, loyalty programs, etc.)
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Business Law
    • Distribution Contracts
    • Due Diligence
    • Research and Development Contracts
    • Confidentiality and Trade Secrets
    • E-commerce and Consumer Protection
    • Licensing and Technology Transfers (Business Law)
    • Competition and Unfair Competition
    • Management and Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Contracts (Negotiation, Drafting and Review)
  • Copyright - Counsel
    • Opinions and protection strategies
    • Copyright Contracts and Negotiations
  • Image Rights and Defamation
  • Trademarks
    • Trademark Contracts and Negotiations
    • Protection Strategies for Trademarks and Trade names
  • Propriété intellectuelle, étiquetage et emballage de produits (ROBIC, juillet 2018)
  • Propriété intellectuelle : quelle questions se poser?, Barreau de Québec, 2018
  • Nouvelles étiquettes et indications géographiques pour les produits alimentaires : votre marque de commerce est-elle concernée?, 2018
  • « L’encadrement du marketing et de la publicité: une mise à jour » (Association du Barreau Canadien (division Québec), Montréal, Octobre 2017)
  • L’ABC des concours publicitaires, AJAVA, 2017
  • L’utilisation stratégique de la propriété intellectuelle : pour passer de l’idée au succès!, Le Camp, 2017
  • Marques de commerce, publicité et marketing au Canada : Tout ce que vous devez savoir, du franchisage aux concours publicitaires, Association du Barreau Canadien / Licensing Executives Society, 2017
  • Survol de cinq décisions d’intérêt en matière de marques pharmaceutiques en 2015, 2016