Spring / 15

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  • Useful and Non-Obvious News – Spring / 15


    By Adam Mizera

    Recent Improvements to the Canadian Patents Database

    Since June 15, 2015, the Canadian Patents Database (CPD) has a more user-friendly interface and an expanded library of patent-specific documents. These include the prosecution history of all published patent applications and granted patents. Visit the Improved CPD webpage.

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  • Appointment of Vincent Bergeron as a Partner


    The firm is pleased to announce the appointment of Vincent Bergeron as a partner

    Vincent Bergeron specializes in copyright, trademarks, patents, technology transfer and information technology. He is also involved in entertainment and business law. Vincent Bergeron counsels clients in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property assets related to information technology. He is also involved in negotiating and drafting commercial contracts such as licences, Read more ›

  • Is your medical treatment claim more patentable now? Hint: A little


    By Gabrielle Moisan

    In the pharmaceutical field, when both the molecule and the use are known and the invention is only about the administration mode or the dosage range, it might be difficult to get a patent in Canada.

    In fact, The Patent Act defines an “invention” in section 2 as:

    “any new and useful art,

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  • Crowdfunding: A Great Way to… Jeopardize your Intellectual Property


    By Vincent Bergeron

    This article is the second in a three-part series on participatory financing or crowdfunding, a social phenomenon that has wind in its sails.

    Even though this financing solution appears to be simple and user friendly, the hasty sharing of information on a Crowdfunding platform carries two major yet rarely discussed risks: having one’s ideas copied by a third party and jeopardizing the criteria for patentability of those ideas. Read more ›

  • Businesses allowed to display their English-only registered trademarks in Quebec – at least for now…


    By Stella Syrianos

    For the moment, Quebec Court of Appeal’s latest ruling has paved a clear road for companies doing business in Quebec: English-only registered trademarks (for which there is no French equivalent trademark registration) may legally appear on storefront signs without the need for additional generic French language.

    In a highly anticipated decision for retailers carrying on business in Quebec and trademark practitioners alike,

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  • The Dunkin’ Donuts case: doughnuts and coffee for 11 million $


    By Camille Aubin and Marie-Ève Côté

    In April 2015, the Court of Appeal of Quebec ordered the Dunkin’ Brands Canada Ltd franchisor (Dunkin’ Donuts) to pay its franchisees close to 11 million dollars, more than 10 years after the initiation of the proceedings against it.

    In this case, 21 franchisees operating 32 Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Quebec sued the franchisor, Read more ›

  • Katy Perry’s Left Shark: Attempting to profit from a Viral Phenomenon


    By Thomas Gagnon-van Leewen and Alexandre C. Archambault

    In an era where information can often go viral on social media, the most successful of memes are often the most unexpected. How does intellectual property tackle a viral phenomenon?

    Popstar Katy Perry knows something about this. During her halftime show at the SuperBowl last February,

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