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Each year, ROBIC welcomes four to six students as part of the articling program required by l’École de formation professionnelle du Barreau du Québec. During their internship, students are asked to collaborate with the firm’s professionals on projects that touch upon all aspects of our practice: intellectual property advice and prosecution, litigation and business law.

A flexible approach to learning

As a mid-size firm, we do not impose a predetermined rotation system on our students, but rather favour a more varied approach whereby articling students can experience the different facets of our practice in a more informal manner and seek out work in the fields that interest them most.

The opportunity to work with experienced lawyers, patent agents, trademark agents, engineers and scientists provides for a unique articling experience.

An intimate and friendly working environment

ROBIC provides an unparalleled environment for individuals interested in a career in intellectual property and business law. Our high degree of expertise allows us to bring together the best elements of both the mid-size firms and the larger full-service firms. We offer our articling students and professionals the more collegial and intimate work environment more commonly found in mid-size firms, with the substantial resources and stimulation most often found in larger firms.

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We are confident that an internship at our firm will meet your expectations and provide you with the tools you need to kick-start your career.

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