The anatomy of incident response: legal considerations and perspectives

ATTENTION : Cette activité se déroulera en FRANÇAIS / This activity will be conducted in FRENCH

In a global environment of widespread reliance on new and increasingly complex digital technologies, it can become difficult for businesses to effectively prevent the cyber threats they face. With ever-changing technology, the emergence of new phenomena such as Metaverse and Web 3.0, and a shifting global legislative landscape, businesses face new challenges and it can be difficult to navigate, especially during a security incident involving personal information. Such a situation can quickly escalate when those involved are not adequately equipped to respond in a timely manner. The expression “prevention is better than cure” takes on its full meaning.

In order to prepare yourself and learn about the legal considerations not to be overlooked in the event of an incident within a company, join Me Deschênes and Me Laverty-Lavoie for this interactive workshop on the best practices to adopt before, during and after a cyber security incident.




12 h 00 - 13 h 30


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