Metaverse and intellectual property, issues and opportunities of the new Web 3.0

ATTENTION : Cette activité se déroulera en FRANÇAIS / This activity will be conducted in FRENCH

The metaverse is not a new concept, but interest in this new universe seems to have reached new heights with the recent announcements of Meta (formerly Facebook) regarding the upcoming launch of their own metaverse concept. Through an interconnected global space, the metaverse (as a contraction of meta-universe) proposes a new Internet composed of persistent and shared virtual spaces accessible through 3D tools (virtual or augmented reality) in which users would be actors and creators in their own right. This Web 3.0 obviously raises many questions, for example the exact form it will take, the new uses of personal information or the modalities of access to it and the equivalent exclusions that it will inevitably create.

Given this context, this workshop will focus on the issues presented by this new digital space in terms of intellectual property. By giving new tools to obtain digital goods or to create them, it will necessarily be essential to question the opportunities it presents, whether these opportunities are found directly in the Metaverse or in the real world. In the same vein, the question of recourse in case of infringement of one’s IP rights in the Metaverse also raises practical, technical and specific questions about possible actions and their effectiveness in an interconnected, global universe with no central authority.




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