IT inventions: what can be patented in 2023?

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In the digital age, any company can potentially generate significant intellectual property through innovations in the IT field. Patents are generally powerful tools to protect innovations. However, it is often difficult to determine whether innovations in the information technology field, particularly software innovations, are patentable or not. The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview of the current legal framework governing the patentability of software inventions in Canada, and to provide practical guidance as to the types of software inventions that may be patented in Canada and in other jurisdictions.

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Inventions en informatique : que peut-on breveter en 2023?

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L'objet de la présentation est de donner un aperçu du cadre juridique actuel régissant la brevetabilité des inventions logicielles au Canada, et de fournir des conseils pratiques quant aux types d’inventions logicielles susceptibles d'être brevetées au Canada et dans d'autres juridictions.

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