Québec is once again taking a booming market by storm with the creation of a new line of cocktails designed using 3D printing. This innovative idea has taken off across the country, as well as in the United States and around the world! 

Samuel Côté is a jack-of-all-trades with a degree in Engineering Physics Technology and experience in 3D printing. An entrepreneur at heart since the age of 16, he decided to take his fundamental knowledge of 3D printing further to develop a unique market: customized food products. 

One thing led to another, and Samuel Côté saw his vision for Devoray come to life. That’s when he approached the CEO of Laura Secord, Jean Leclerc, with a proposal to use his advanced 3D printing process to make customized confectionery and chocolate, a niche market where mass production is necessary to reduce costs. Since then, the start-up has experienced significant growth and produced more than 40 food products—a success made possible thanks to the financial and material support of Laura Secord. 

When the company was first starting out, Samuel Côté teamed up with two summer intern engineers to develop, design, manufacture and use a new technology that would make 3D food printing as cost-effective as possible. “We did tons and tons of testing!” exclaims Côté. “Today, we make our own devices. We currently have devices dedicated to a considerable production line. We’re in the process of doubling our numbers.” 

At the helm of Devoray’s operations, Samuel Côté manages a staff of 15 people whose average age is 30 years old. He acknowledges that his collaboration with Laura Secord helped him break into the big leagues faster. “Developing a system is exciting. All the investments are made to help the company become a major player. We’re currently looking for a few more senior people to join us and contribute to the growth of Devoray.” 

A noteworthy success 

According to the most recent information, Devoray owns the most productive of all 3D printing technologies in the world. This is a unique and enviable position, one that Samuel Côté and Jean Leclerc hope to benefit from. For now, they’re not sure whether they will sell the devices, license the technology or open production plants. All options are under consideration at this time. 

About Devoray products 

At this time, it is possible to find the Devoray product line in 160 specialty stores across Canada and a few in the United States: dehydrated foods that are used to make a variety of cocktails (with or without alcohol), healthy beverages, etc. All the ingredients needed for a cocktail are put together in a custom 3D printed format; all you need is a little bit of liquid, and voilà, instant cocktail! 

It’s not unusual to find dehydration technologies in the industrial sector. Whether we’re talking fruit, tea, protein… just about everything can be dehydrated these days! It’s very environmentally friendly, as it helps reduce transportation costs and the use of plastic bottles, for instance.

Right now, Devoray is facing the challenge of increasing production (a nice problem to have!) since their orders far outweigh their capacity to deliver. Prior to the pandemic, the company sold directly to other companies, luxury hotels, retailers and restaurant chains. But since Devoray is now looking to gain notoriety with a more mainstream public, the company developed a new brand of 3D printed beverages: Poseidn.  

In order to fine-tune their creations, Devoray conducts taste tests with a wide range of audiences. The company’s mixologist, chef and factory employees willingly volunteered to provide their feedback, and customer satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted to ensure that products meet expectations and are of the highest standard. 

A thriving future lies ahead 

Devoray is right to remain optimistic about the future, regardless of the pandemic. The company currently has a number of contracts in the United States and in various industries (entertainment, hospitality, dairy products, sports, health, etc.) and, if we can trust in what Samuel Côté’s sees for the future, the Québec City-based company has everything it needs to grow and flourish! 

Everyone at ROBIC wishes Devoray nothing but success! It’s our pleasure to support this vibrant and exemplary company reach new heights by protecting all of their intellectual property.