ROBIC is proud to unveil its new service offering: FOCUS Privacy!


ROBIC is aware that issues related to privacy are often complex and require specific expertise that is rapidly evolving from a legal point of view, but also from a technological point of view. Therefore, we wanted to create an integrated and cutting-edge service that would meet the needs of our clients.

Today, we are proud to present FOCUS Privacy, a turnkey service offering specialized and cutting-edge expertise in privacy, data governance and cybersecurity to support your internal privacy officer or your operation teams. Our FOCUS? To make you compliant, proactive and even innovative in your approach to these issues!

Our experts use a multidisciplinary approach based on their varied experiences and by taking advantage of a network of partners specializing in related fields such as information security or document management, as well as international correspondents who can shed light on local regulatory requirements in other countries.

Want to learn more? Contact our practice leader, Vanessa Deschênes.