During the 4th Course event on “Understanding commercial agreements” that was held October 7th, Nicolas Sapp, partner, lawyer and trademark agent and Marcel Naud, lawyer and trademark agent, acted as speakers in light of a seminar organized in Montreal by Federated Press Publications.
Nicolas Sapp gave a conference entitled The Intellectual Property and the Agreement; a brief review of the different aspects of the intellectual property to be considered in an agreement, be it during the creation or the transfer of intellectual property during a company’s due diligence verification, as well as a supplement of case scenarios in labour law relations in the context of the rights and obligations of an employer and an employee and/or contractor and the mandatory articles to consider in order to protect the intellectual property rights of all.
Marcel Naud presented, for his part, a conference entitled Trademarks facing the expansion of domain names and another one entitled The risks in international agreements addressing, inter alia, questions such as Internet registration in dispute settlements and the new generic types of domain names as well as an overview of elements of intellectual property at an international level, means of commercialisation at an international level and management of main risks anticipated.