Partnership between ROBIC and Quebec International


On the 30th of October 2013, Quebec International (QI) and ROBIC | Lawyers, Patent and Trademark agents concluded a partnership agreement in order to support businesses in their commercialization and exportation approach. This partnership agreement aims to develop a new offer of innovative activities related to issues of intellectual property. Those activities will be addressed to businesses that desire to develop themselves internationally and will be focused on the risks and opportunities of an exportation approach. Trademarks, inventions and knowledge are all assets that businesses need to protect adequately before conquering new markets. Therefore, it’s on this aspect of developing external markets that the efforts of this partnership will be concentrated.

A reference on the field and an improved offer

This partnership will help ROBIC to position its services as a reference in intellectual property for businesses in the region of Quebec and improve the offer of training activities provided by Quebec International in commercialization and exportation.

Passeport PME: More resources for the participants of the East of Quebec

The terms of the partnership will also expand to the participants of the East of Quebec who will take part in the Passeport PME Program, addressed to businesses that have the potential to conquer exterior markets. Indeed, the specialists at ROBIC’s Quebec office are added to the expert team in international trading that will support these businesses through the entire program, which is structured with training and accompaniment. To find out more about the program, read Quebec International’s communique.