From 1892 to 2012 – 120 Years of Excellence


In 2012, ROBIC celebrates 120 years of excellence. Since 1892, the firm has witnessed the many changes in technology and industry that have shaped the 19th, 20th and 21st century thanks to the innovative minds of brilliant inventors.

To mark this special anniversary, we made available online several photos here.

ROBIC’s success and longevity were built on the trust that clients have placed in the firm since its inception. ROBIC would like to thank the inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, professionals and foreign associates with whom it has collaborated over the years. Thanks to them, the firm has earned an enviable reputation both nationally and internationally. It is for the benefit of our loyal clients that the members of the firm strive to outdo themselves every day.

To learn more about ROBIC’s history, we have produced special document available here.

120 times thank you!