ROBIC in Québec’s Top 300 of Small Businesses


Published for over ten years, this classification brings together the 300 largest SMEs in Quebec. The companies are held by Québec interests and have a maximum of 300 employees.

The ranking is compiled based on the number of employees, from the largest number (300) to the smallest. With 165 employees, ROBIC holds the 157th place.

With its rich history and its long tradition of excellence, ROBIC is also mentioned on the roll of honour of the centennial businesses. The firm was founded in 1892 by brothers Marion, both engineers, under the name MARION & MARION. In 1917, Raymond A. Robic, inventor, author and teacher, joined the firm. His name was added to the name of the firm in 1932.

ROBIC is comprised of seventeen partners and is headquartered in Montreal.